Global’s Doors pass their Smoke Leakage Test

Our doors pass the second of three tests…

For the last few months, Global has been hard at work putting together the plans for the re-launch of our Composite Fire Doors manufacturing programme. With this, we hope to be able to provide our clients with a complete approach to their fire door requirements, being able to both supply and fit fully compliant and secure doors on their projects.

Global understand the importance of the integrity of fire doors, which is why we continue to strive to develop our skills around fabrication and installation, with help from industry leaders such as Winkhaus and Element.

This February, in the run-up to our Composite Door re-launch this May, Global visited the experts at Warrington Fire in High Wycombe to put our fire doors through their Smoke Leakage Test. A branch of Element Materials Technology, Warrington Fire and their technicians were able to carry out exhaustive Smoke Leakage Testing to ensure Global Fire Doors would be able to maintain the integrity of a compartment in the event of a fire. This means that the doors would be able to delay the spread of deadly smoke and fumes throughout a building, reducing the risk to occupants.

Global Doors Pass Smoke Leakage Test
Global Doors Pass Smoke Leakage Test

Important Partnerships

The doors were installed for testing by the wonderful technicians from Winkhaus, who have been supporting us through the process of our relaunch. They have aided us in all testing, including the Security Test conducted by Element Materials Technology in January at their Wednesbury testing facilities, and the further Burn Testing we will be undergoing in March. With their help, the doors we fabricate will have a BM Trada Triple Q Mark, being certified in Smoke, Security and Fire to ensure the highest levels of safety and sustainability for our clients.

We are thrilled to have a strong pass on this test, meaning that all doors manufactured by Global will be created under the smoke leakage certificate EN1634 part 3, attesting to its security against smoke in the event of a fire. With the final assessment, we will be tested to certificate EN1643-1 from the Burn Test, securing our triple Q Mark in Security, Smoke and Fire.

Written by Georgina Butters for and on behalf of Global Group.