Passive Fire Protection for the Housing Sector

Global HSE Solutions specialises in providing bespoke passive fire protection services to the Housing sector. Having won numerous tenders, Global HSE Solutions has proven expertise to provide top quality services, customised to the sector. You can read more on our Housing sector expertise here.

One of the most important characteristic of the housing sector in terms of fire protection is represented by the sleeping component. Therefore, the fire strategy has to be carefully analysed and designed, in order to meet both the building’s requirements as well as the legal ones.

Passive Fire Protection is crucial to a well constructed fire protection strategy, providing fire strength to the core structure of buildings.

Some of the services that Global HSE Solutions regularly provides to clients coming from the housing sector are:

Fire Rated Door Sets

Fire Rated Door Sets are an important component of passive fire protection. Effective fire rated door sets prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Our secure by design ecoframe composite Fire Door Sets are always build to order with the client’s requirements in mind.

For the (Social) Housing Sector, Fire Rated Door Sets not only represent a legislative requirement based on the Fire Safety Order 2005- UK Fire Regulations, but also have a crucial role in maintaining premises safe.

Riser Doors

Riser Doors are designed to provide up to 1 hour fire resistance into jointless plaster, partitions or plasterboard walls without compromising aesthetics. Our Riser Doors have been successfully applied in the housing sector, to keep services safe.

Louvre Windows and Smoke Vent Louvres

Louvre Windows and Smoke Vent Louvres are are not only designed to meet the required health and safety regulations, but also prove to be of exceptional use within the Housing Sector. Our teams are successfully installing both louvre windows and smoke vent louvres to provide extra protection to premises and occupants in case of fire.

Bin Chutes

Bin Chutes, bin stores and ducts have to be isolated by fire resistant construction. Bin stores can be a focus for arson. Therefore, bin stores have to be secure from the outside in order to minimise arson. Global HSE can provide a 30 minute fire resistance structure design including seals, to prevent smoke and flames from dispersing in the staircase. Our bin chutes provide 4 hours fire protection.

Additional works: emergency lighting and signage.

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