Commercial Passive Fire Protection in the UK

Global HSE is addressing the Commercial sector providing specialist Passive Fire Protection services in the UK.

We understand the Commercial sector raises special legal and building requirements.

Some of our most popular services for the sector are

Fire Compartmentation

The aim of Compartmentation is to limit the rapid spread of fire. By dividing building premises into discrete fire zones also referred to as “fire compartments”, fire is fought by forming a barrier against smoke, heat and toxic gases. Fire Compartmentation is designed to contain the fire in the area that it started, providing a good fire protection starting point for the building and its occupants regardless of other fire prevention systems. Fire Compartmentation is the most effective mean of limiting fire damage before the fire brigade arrives. The benefits of compartmentation are: limiting fire damage, allowing further fire prevention systems to be installed, increased fire protection for a limited period of time.

With Global HSE you can have the guarantee of the work done right. We will ensure that the building has the adequate compartmentation system, by completing a survey prior to performing any type of work. We will then perform any required additional works such as cavity barriers fitting, supply and installation of fire door sets, as well as fire rated ceilings and walls so that the compartmentation system meets the legislative standards.

Fire Rated Door Sets

Fire Rated Door Sets are an important component of passive fire protection. Effective fire rated door sets prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. Our secure by design Ecoframe composite Fire Door Sets are always build to order with the client’s requirements in mind.

For the Commercial Sector, Fire Rated Door Sets not only represent a legislative requirement based on the Fire Safety Order 2005- UK Fire Regulations, but also have a crucial role in maintaining premises safe.

Global HSE provide full supply and installation services, being Certifire approved.

Fire Rated Ceilings and Walls

Fire rated ceilings are another important component of passive fire protection. Fire rated ceilings provide fire protection to buildings, ensuring that in the event of a fire, the ceiling can block fire spread for certain amounts of time. Fire rated walls, just like fire rated ceilings, play an important role within efficient passive fire protection. Fire rated walls are designed to provide 30-120 minutes vertical fire protection.

Fire rated ceilings and walls are particularly beneficial to Commercial large premises where goods and machinery can be stored. In large commercial premises, fire rated ceilings and walls will provide you with peace of mind knowing your staff, goods and premises are protected should a fire happen.