More doors open for Global.

Over the last few weeks, Global are thrilled to have been partnering up with the team at Winkhaus to develop our skills and knowledge of composite fire doors. Winkhaus’ extensive expertise in their BM Trada Q Marked fire doors has been incredibly valuable to us, setting out the first steps in our journey with them.

At Global, we set our sights on the manufacturing and fabrication of our own composite fire doors, looking to supply higher quality and safer doors to our projects from our own warehouse. With the help of Winkhaus, we have been able to sit down with some key contacts to learn more about their composite fire doorset solutions, and the features that make them so compliant.

Our team recently had the pleasure of visiting Winkhaus in their Kettering office, sitting down with Technical Director Chris Flaherty and Project Coordinator Simon Eshelby to dive deeper into the formation of their doorsets. We were also lucky enough to have some of Winkhaus’ team visit us in our own warehouse, showing us the specific detailing and components of the doors, and taking us step by step through their meticulous processes.

Why Winkhaus’s doors?

One of the aspects of Winkhaus’ doorsets that have attracted us is the levels of safety they are upheld to, as their passion for fire safety and compliance matches ours here at Global. These doors are not only Q Marked on Fire, but on Security too, following in line with our values of safety. We will be joining the BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme in order to ensure our doors will be continually meeting the standard of fire door fabrication and upholding the levels of compliance expected from a safe, tested and properly installed fire door.

As a company, we are also concerned with the environmental aspects of everything we manufacture and install. It is important to us that we are actively doing the best we can to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced, as well as our impact on the environment and climate. This is why the design of the doorsets, being made from recycled material, has been a critical aspect of our relationship with Winkhaus, as we are thrilled to share a passion for environmental change and protection.

As well as all of these wonderful aspects, these doorsets enable us to offer our clients more attractive solutions to their projects. They will be able to choose from ranges of colours, door leaf patterns and fire-rated window positions, enabling them to tailor each project even further.

We are delighted to continue this journey with Winkhaus and develop our own knowledge and expertise with their guidance and support and look forward to being able to manufacture and supply even more compliant and safe solutions to our clients.

You can visit Winkhaus’ website here to learn more about what they do!

Written by Georgina Butters for and on behalf of Global Group.