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Helping residents and communities feel safe in their homes.

The Social Housing sector is one that Global takes great pride in servicing, ensuring each and every one of our Housing Client’s properties are safe and secure for all tenants within the buildings. We believe that in a post-Grenfell world, it is paramount that all homes are brought up to a standard that guarantees a better quality of life and a higher level of safety for all residents.

We do this by providing a bespoke and thorough service, which we can see through from project conception to project completion in order to certify that all required checks and works have been completed to the Global calibre, and that all risk is minimised as much as possible. 


The impact of Grenfell Tower on Fire Safety Legislation and Social Housing

Following the Hackitt Review of Fire Safety after the tragedy of Grenfell Tower in June 2017, a spotlight has been placed on housing and high-rise accommodation to bring its fire safety standards up to scratch. Global has been working with multiple social housing agencies to correct any Latent Defects they may have or passive fire protection installments that are no longer compliant with the industry’s standard and create a safer living environment for residents. 

Defective fire doors with broken closers that were not able to withstand their claimed 30 minutes against fire played a monumental part in the releasing of smoke and toxic fumes into the building, pouring into corridors and homes, as well as highly flammable cladding aiding the upward spread of the fire to higher floors. It was also revealed that for 12 years before the Grenfell tragedy, the external cladding on the building repeatedly failed its fire assessments but was left on the building. 

At Global, we provide multiple social housing clients with thorough surveys, compartmentation work, fire door installation and maintenance and many other types of works to ensure that each building is as complaint and low risk as possible and that all of our client’s buildings are brought up to the standard expected from the Fire Safety Bill that was passed after the Grenfell tragedy.

In the event of a fire, correct containment and control of a blaze will allow residents time to evacuate and allow professionals to stop the fire causing excessive damage and loss of life.

Why it is so important to regularly update your fire safety precautions in housing properties?

In a report released by the Home Office for April 2019 to March 2020, they showed that 82% of all fire-related fatalities were in dwellings, highlighting the desperate need for passive fire protection methods in homes. 

With current and properly installed passive fire protection precautions, the risk of fire related fatalities is greatly reduced, and it often helps reduce the risk of injury and illness caused by being in a house fire. We work hard to guarantee all of our client’s properties are correctly protected against fire so that their residents can sleep easy knowing they are at low risk.

Want to speak to Global about what we can do for you and your Social Housing project? We can assist on a variety of different issues to find you the best solution. 

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