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Taking a proactive approach to ensure all types of industrial properties have proficient fire protection measures in place.

A large number of industrial premises often contain flammable and corrosive chemicals which are essential to the function of the business. However, these can pose a substantial risk if they come into contact with fire. It is because of these high-risk situations, that passive fire protection becomes a vital service for each client. 

The staff inside of each of these types of workspaces can become incredibly at risk if a fire were to break out because of these hazards, and it is imperative that all passive fire protection measures are correctly assessed and carried out in order to ensure that all people present are safe guarded as much as possible. 

As well as this, it is incredibly common for expensive plant machinery and materials to be present within each building. In the event of a fire, the destruction of these would cause a significant financial loss to each client, resulting in the need to replace all goods. 

When a fire breaks out on an industrial premises, it can create a huge monetary loss when all business operations must be halted and new property must be secured to resume all business functions, as well as ensuring all staff are catered to. Because of this, it is pivotal to Global’s clients that all passive fire protection measures are fulfilled to our high standard to preserve each business. 

Throughout 2013-2014, there were over 2000+ plus fires over industrial premises, according to the Fire Statistics published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This meant that thousands of people were out at risk of serious injury or even fatality, and thousands of businesses lost substantial amounts of money due to the damage caused in the wake of each fire.  These problems are easily preventable, and damage can be undoubtedly reduced with the correct passive fire protection measures.

Challenges of Working in Industrial Buildings

Global understand that all of these unique circumstances can make it confusing and hard to understand what you need to do to protect your staff and your company. We provide a bespoke, Complete Approach service to ensure all concerns are addressed and all issues are identified and resolved to make each property compliant and safe. With this, we can set your mind at ease, and we can guarantee that you and your workers will feel secure in the fact that in the event of a fire, the building has the best possible opportunity to withstand and prevent the spread.

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