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Ensuring compliance throughout hotels, restaurants, museums and many more hospitality and leisure venues.

We provide a wide range of services to the Hotel and Hospitality industry, drawing on our extensive expertise of the sector specific challenges it holds to provide tailored and deep dive solutions in fire protection.

Global have successfully secured contracts with some giants of the hospitality world, and we strive to match their high standard of service with a high standard of fire safety. It is incredibly important to us at Global to be able to provide as much comfort and protection as possible in the face of the unique risks and problems fire can pose in the industry. 


What are the potential risks posed by fire in the Hospitality Industry?

We take into account the large numbers of guests, floors and rooms which all require protection, and we strive to make these as compliant as possible to achieve maximum safety for all. It is essential that we take into consideration all potential risks these unique circumstances create, in order to be as thorough as possible for the best outcome and highest level of risk management.

Things like sleep risk can become serious hazards in the Hospitality and Hotel sector, making full Fire Risk Assessments vital to the preservation of life and the building itself. Global carries out full and extensive surveys, getting right into the heart of the problem and producing detailed reports to help understand where each risk lies. From there, we can advise each client on the best ways to keep their guests safe, whether it be through a restructuring of the compartmentation elements, damper refits or a deeper dive into fire door and glass safety. We can complete each piece of remedial work also, making sure to use our Complete Approach scheme to provide the best coverage of the scope of works and ensure maximum safety for each guest. 

Global’s work in the Hospitality industry

Global has been working with clients in the Hospitality Sector for many years, ensuring their unique requirements are met so that all properties are compliant and brought up to the industry standard.

We appreciate that in the event of a fire, the severe financial loss that can be incurred in the time following can be extremely detrimental to our clients. Because of this, not only is protecting the lives of the building’s occupants at the forefront of our minds but preserving our clients’ businesses and premises is incredibly important to us, so that they can continue to provide high levels of service and experiences to the public, whilst safe in the knowledge that Global have done all they can to protect their buildings and their guests.

Want to speak to Global about what we can do for you and your hotel or hospitality project? We can assist on a variety of different issues to find you the best solution. 

Our team of experienced Estimators, Surveyors and Contracts Managers would be happy to speak to you about your project’s requirements, and how Global can help you achieve a compliant and quality assured solution.

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