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Working closely with NHS, assisted living, care homes and private healthcare companies to produce fire safe buildings with minimal risks. 

The importance of protecting our most vulnerable resonates with us here at Global and working within the Healthcare industry presents us with unique challenges in passive fire protection that we continue to rise above to provide the best and most effective safety solutions we can.

Working to ensure that fire is contained and cannot spread within a hospital or healthcare building is vital to the survival of all visitors. With long corridors and large wards, passive fire protection becomes a vital lifeline for vulnerable people who may have restricted mobility and cannot evacuate a building quick enough in normal circumstances before serious damage is done. Global’s team works hard to ensure that all fire safety standards are met and exceeded to ensure that in the event of a fire, it will remain contained, giving everyone inside the building a chance to get themselves to safety. 

How can we better protect our healthcare premises?

In 2015-2016 alone, there were 1700+ fires in hospital and healthcare service buildings across the UK, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk and resulting in both injuries and fatalities. Many of these casualties could have been prevented had the proper fire stopping and passive fire protection been used in the infrastructure of the building. Global is passionate about protecting people, and especially those in vulnerable positions, this is why we continue to work hard to provide tailored fire solutions to our clients. 

By working with compassion and a strong duty of care, as well as our years of expertise and skilled staff, we are able to maintain high standards of fire safety for our Healthcare clients, providing strong peace of mind and minimal risk to patients, loved ones and the wonderful healthcare workers within each premises. 

Challenges of Working in Healthcare Buildings

Considering the sensitive nature of hospitals, care homes, doctors’ surgeries, and assisted living facilities, we work closely with the teams watching over each building’s safety to devise in depth and thorough surveys of each premises, targeting each and every area to produce detailed reports on the compliance of the buildings. From here we can complete a full scope of remedial works to bring each site up to the high Global standard, and protect our most at-risk, seeing the project through to completion and guaranteeing a higher level of protection throughout the buildings.

You can read our Case Study on the works carried out at Sheffield Northern General Hospital for Kajima by our team here at Global to see the high quality of works we completed following our ‘Complete Approach’ scheme when working on the Robert Hadfield wing. The building, having closed in December 2018 post-Grenfell regulations, is now fully operational thanks to the works that scoped over 18 months. 

Want to speak to Global about what we can do for you and your healthcare project? We can assist on a variety of different issues to find you the best solution. 

Our team of experienced Estimators, Surveyors and Contracts Managers would be happy to speak to you about your project’s requirements, and how Global can help you achieve a compliant and quality assured solution.

Global is here to help your healthcare property.


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