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Education & Student Accommodation

Creating low-risk and compliant education and accommodation spaces where children and adults feel safe and inspired to achieve their full potential.

It is imperative to Global that all premises of our education clients are safe and compliant places for students of all ages to learn and grow. We pride ourselves on the safeguarding of the schools and accommodation properties we service, and those teaching, living and learning within them.

It is paramount to both us and our clients that children, residents and staff are safeguarded against any potential risks, and we work hard to guarantee that all works are carried out to the highest possible Global standard. Ensuring a minimised risk in all premises is integral to a comfortable learning environment, and peace of mind for parents, students and staff. 

If a fire were to break out in a school or in student accommodation, meaning it was no longer fit for purpose, many school hours would be unfortunately lost, at a monumental educational cost to students having to take time off school whilst trying to find an alternative placement or accommodation in their area.


Why is it so important to complete surveys and works on schools and student accommodation?

In 2019, there were on average 40 fires per month in school and education facilities across the UK, according to the Fire Protection Association (FPA). Schools are some of the most commonly non-compliant buildings, with often out-dated fire protection and detection systems in place. 

Student accommodation properties often house hundreds of the brightest minds whilst they study their degrees, meaning it is vital to protect the many lives being lived inside of the properties.

At Global, we believe that it is incredibly important to protect the young people, teachers, and staff inside of all learning facilities, and that is why we work with our clients to identify all of their passive fire protection needs. We can conducts surveys and remedial works that strive to eliminate the possibility of a fire spreading quick enough to cause damage or loss of life within these premises. 

What makes the education industry different from others?

Working with clients based around the education sector can present new and very different challenges – often having to work around certain deadlines built to allow term time to be uninterrupted. This time is crucial to a student’s development, and it is pivotal that any surveys or works completed are carried out in periods where the least disruption is possible.

Global works hard to ensure these needs are met and all works are not only completed efficiently, but that standards are both met and exceeded for complete client satisfaction.

At Global, we understand how important it is for students to feel safe in their accommodation, so that they have space to learn and work towards their futures, without feeling concerned for their safety. 

Global is here to help – Student Accommodation

We work with a number of clients in the Student Accommodation sector to bring all accommodation to a level we can be proud of and remain secure in the fact that our youngest bright minds are at lower risk of being in danger in the event of a fire. 

Not unlike the Education sector, working on Student Accommodation can present its own unique challenges based around university schedules and term times. This is why it is incredibly important that we do our jobs efficiently, with a detailed plan to ensure all surveys and works run smoothly, so as not to disrupt the lives of those studying and living within the walls of the premises, whilst also making sure that all work is completed at that same high Global standard as our longer-term projects.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to give them an unmatched customer experience and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Want to speak to Global about what we can do for you and your Education or Student Accommodation project? We can assist on a variety of different issues to find you the best solution. 

Our team of experienced Estimators, Surveyors and Contracts Managers would be happy to speak to you about your project’s requirements, and how Global can help you achieve a compliant and quality assured solution


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