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Fire Safety

In 2006 the laws regarding Fire changed radically with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This brought the fire laws in line with Health and Safety Legislation. A major change was the creation of the role of the Responsible Person who is held accountable for fire safety.

Who is the Responsible Person?

Normally the employer, but it can be anyone who has some control over the building, workplace or premises.

Where does the Order apply?

Virtually everywhere except inside your home (if you own it).

What are the duties of the Responsible Person?

The Responsible Person has to ensure the safety from fire of the employees and ‘relevant persons’ who are not employees (visitors, customers, guests and anybody else who may be affected by a fire).

How can GTS help?

The first step is a Fire Risk Assessment, every Responsible Person must carry out Fire Risk Assessments on the places they are responsible for. If there are more than 5 employees a record has to be kept of the ‘Significant Findings’.

GTS employs experienced fire officers to carry out the Fire Risk Assessments for you following PAS79, a nationally recognised British Standard template, and produce a prioritised list of issues that you need to address.

GTS can provide the following services:

– Fire Risk Assessments: The cornerstone of your Fire Safety programme, not only does this identify the issues you need to address but it also demonstrates to inspectors that you are taking your responsibilities seriously and reduce the risk of prosecution.

– Passive Fire Protection: installing measures that will prevent the spread of fire in your premises using approved products and certified under FIRAS.

– Monitoring and Recording: under our unique ‘Safety Works’ package you can control and record all the regular tests and inspections that need to be carried out over all your site(s) and monitor what has been done.

– Training: our ‘Safety Works’ system includes a computer based fire training package which you employees can study at a time convenient to them. If you want a more practical session, our experienced fire officers can provide lecture style presentations and practical fire extinguisher training.

– Consultancy: our experienced fire officers can advise on all issues of fire safety, they are experienced fire and incident investigators, they can provide technical reports and carry out expert witness services.

What GTS don’t do:

– Sell you: Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting Systems, Sprinkler Systems etc. (although we know a man who can).

– Carry out substandard work: all our work is carried out under the FIRAS scheme and is subject to independent inspection and approval.

Fire Strategy

A Fire Strategy is an essential part of your preparation to deal with a potential fire. In its simplest form it will identify the who, what, why, where, when and how of a fire.


The people who will be affected by a fire and the roles they are expected to fulfil in the event of a fire.


A large number of issues such as what are the most likely materials which will start a fire? What can be done to reduce the risk of a fire starting? What are the roles and responsibilities of people within the organisation? What measures are in place to prevent a fire developing? Etc.


Why are various actions required? An examination of the reasoning behind the various procedures may show that they are inappropriate or even hazardous.


Where are people to go in the event of a fire? Where is a fire most likely to start? Where will a fire cause the most damage to the business?


When is a fire most likely to start? When will it cause the greatest issues for the business?


How is the business going to deal with all these issues and prevent a minor incident from becoming a major disaster.

A Fire Strategy will address all these issues.

Fire Support

Fire is often a forgotten aspect when you are planning alterations or new buildings and extensions. It is a diverse and complex subject and errors made in the planning may often prove to be expensive when changes and alterations need to be made at a later stage.

Global HSE has a team of fire engineers who have a wide range of experience in this field. They include people who understand the legal requirements and guidelines and people who know how to improve the passive fire protection in your premises which will stop a fire spreading and safeguard your staff.

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