Global HSE Coronavirus Update

Due to the recent increased focus on the current coronavirus situation, we would like to notify our clients and partners on various issues which may arise, and assure you we are doing our part in prioritising the wellbeing of both our employees and clients alike.

Currently our offices are still open, and we are operating as normal. Employees have been asked to take extra precautions, with additional hand sanitiser and disinfectant placed around the offices and available to on-site staff. Where it is required for staff to work from home, there will be no disruption to the services you receive, as all our employees have access to remote working.

The protection and welfare of our staff is our priority, and whilst we focus on this we still aim to provide the same great level of customer service and on-going business. Where possible all projects are continuing as usual and if there are any changes to this, clients will be notified imminently.

During these uncertain times, we understand there may be challenges and disruptions under certain circumstances. With this in mind, we request your patience and understanding that our staff are doing their best for you and your business. Where disruptions do occur we will work our hardest to achieve the best possible outcome.

We will keep you up to date with the latest news and are happy to answer any questions you have. Together we can work through these struggles and get back to business as usual.