Fire Rated Walls

It is a requirement of the Fire Authority that walls have a minimum period of fire resistance. The minimum period of fire resistance is normally 30 minutes in order to protect the fire exists and escapes.

There are situations in which a longer period of fire resistance of 60 minutes is required, when separating high risk premises from lower risk premises.

Fire Rated Walls are one of the most important passive fire solutions.

Global HSE, as specialists in the fire industry, has a fully-qualified (Firas accreditation) team of experts  that design and install Fire Rated Walls in the UK.

Global HSE provide internal and external fire rated walls that comply with the Fire Authority standards. Our specialists will first strive to learn and understand the requirements of our clients and buildings, in order to provide the best fire protection design solution.

Whether it is a case of designing and installing fire rated walls as part of a new building, or upgrading existing walls or partitions, Global HSE will ensure fire protection works at high standards.