Fire Rated Ceilings

Building Regulations and the Fire Authority clearly state that fire rated compartmentation needs to be put in place in most buildings where more than 5 employees are working.

Fire Rated Ceilings are one of the most common fire compartmentation and fire stopping solutions. Generally, the aim of fire rated ceilings is to endure high temperatures for a certain period of time that could go from 30 to 90 minutes.

Global HSE, as specialists in the fire industry, has a fully qualified (Firas accreditation) team of experts  that design and install Fire Rated Ceilings in the UK.

Global HSE, as a market leader in passive fire protection, has developed long lasting partnerships with some of the most influential manufacturers of fire stopping products. Therefore, our own fire rated ceilings benefit of the guarantee that only fire accredited products have been used in the design of ceilings, and that our specialists are fully trained and have gained the expertiese of becoming Hilti approved contractors.

Whether it is a case of designing and installing fire rated ceilings as part of a new building, or upgrading existing ceilings, Global HSE will ensure fire protection works at high standards.