Ensuring fire safety in residential buildings 


What is a housing association? 

Housing associations are private, non-profit landlords that provide support so that individuals can live in a good quality, affordable home. They are legally required to adhere to fire safety regulations, and ensure fire safety in residential buildings. You must take all the necessary steps to help prevent and manage a fire in the building. They are to take urgent action where necessary, and introduce safety measures to occupants where remediation occurs.  



Apartment building


Responsibilities as the housing association

The housing association must carry out regular fire risk assessments so that hazards and risks are identified and rectified. Buildings must be compliant, with effective fire stopping working to prevent the spread of gasses, smoke and flames between the building’s compartmentations. Housing associations must also ensure that flat entrance doors are of a particular standard that works to prevent the spread of fire. They must ensure that the hardware installed into the door leaf is fire rated. A fire risk assessment can advise you on what makes a fire door compliant.


Responsibilities as the tenant

For the housing association to accurately ensure fire safety in the property, the tenant must report any hazards to the home. They should inform the association of any potential risks that make them feel unsafe in their property. In addition to this, the tenant must ensure they are not causing any hazard in the home that could impact the safety of themselves and surrounding individuals. For instance, they must ensure they are not blocking fire exits, or altering hardware on fire doors.

Client and risk assessor

Failure to comply

If the housing association fails to adhere to the fire safety regulations, they are putting the tenant and the surrounding individuals at serious risk. They would face financial and legal action, which could lead to potential prison time. Public safety is in the government’s best interest. Following the Grenfell disaster, many improvements are being implemented to ensure the safety of those individuals. Failure to comply could lead to the property being deemed unsafe and could ultimately aid the spread of a fire. Thus, putting the occupants at serious risk.


How can Global help?

As industry leaders, we operate to provide expert services with in-depth knowledge that can address your business needs. We have specialist fire risk assessors that can identify and advise any hazards to your property. We can install and maintain your fire doors to ensure compliance. Additionally, we provide external cladding reviews to provide an extra protective barrier. This can also improve the thermal insulation, and enhance the acoustic integrity of the building.


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