Passive Fire Surveys: analysis and reporting

Global HSE offers comprehensive passive fire surveys, analysis and reporting for a broad niche of clients coming from different sectors such as housing, education, hotel, sport and leisure, NHS and industrial.

Passive Fire Surveys focus on the breaches to the compartmentation of a building and will detail every penetration within a compartment wall throughout the building. Our building fire surveys will identify both the breaches and caused damage to the compartment walls and doors, and will offer practical fixing solutions.

Upon undertaking Compartmentation Surveys, Global HSE can complete the work by offering bespoke Passive Fire Protection services to a high standard, meeting client’s’ needs.

Why is it important to choose Passive Fire Surveys for your fire stopping strategy?

Because Passive Fire Surveys are detailed investigations that will highlight any existing damage to the building, making you aware of its current situation.

What are the benefits?

Passive Fire Surveys represent a great method of keeping our clients informed on the fire state of the building, thus offering a proactive approach towards fire stopping. In addition to that, Global HSE can provide Fire Strategy services to complement the findings of a Passive Fire Survey.