Fire Strategy made simple for UK businesses

A Fire Strategy is an essential part of a business’ preparation to deal with a potential fire. In its simplest form, a fire strategy will identify the who, what, why, where, when and how of a fire.


The people who will be affected by a fire and the roles they are expected to fulfill in the event of a fire.


A large number of issues such as what are the most likely materials which will start a fire? What can be done to reduce the risk of a fire starting? What are the roles and responsibilities of people within the organisation? What measures are in place to prevent a fire developing? Etc.


Why are various actions required? An examination of the reasoning behind the various procedures may show that they are inappropriate or even hazardous.


Where are people to go in the event of a fire? Where is a fire most likely to start? Where will a fire cause the most damage to the business?


When is a fire most likely to start? When will it cause the greatest issues for the business?


How is the business going to deal with all these issues and prevent a minor incident from becoming a major disaster.

A Fire Strategy will thus have a comprehensive approach towards fire prevention and will aim to meet the following set objectives: life, property, and business safety. Global HSE will comply to provide bespoke fire strategy services, meeting all our clients’ needs.