Fire doors

Global HSE Solutions Ltd specialise in the surveying, upgrade, supply and installation of both timber and composite fire rated door sets.  This includes flat entrance doors-sets, cross-corridor fire doors, communal area doors, plant room doors and service riser doors in the likes of offices, healthcare buildings, hotels, leisure facilities, tourist attractions, airports, restaurants, multi-storey and multi-occupancy residential buildings.  And any other doors that are required to be fire rated as per the fire strategy for the building.

Why are fire doors so important?

It’s simple.  Fire doors prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire, thus helping to contain fire, limit damage, and save lives.  All fire doors are certified and should be identifiable by their specific label or plug that identifies their fire rating, manufacturer and certification scheme e.g. BM Trada / Certifire.

For example; an FD30 certified and labelled door can withstand fire for 30 minutes, whilst FD60 certified and labelled doors, offer at least an hour of protection from fire and smoke spread.  All fire door sets are available in a range of styles, colours and finishes to be able to match and blend in to your existing décor.  They can be manufactured either with or without a fire rated vision panel to suit both requirement and legislation.

Fire doors are one of the most important and yet often overlooked fire safety products within a building, which require regular checks and maintenance to be able to maintain their integrity.  Therefore it is essential to have regular fire door surveys and/or inspections carried out within your premises to keep defects and damage to a minimum.  We would suggest aiming for annual inspections especially in buildings with heavy foot traffic and/or sleeping risk.

We work with leading fire door manufacturers which means we can offer the most appropriate, competitive solution to meet a wide range of requirements both in terms of usage, cost and fire rating. Regardless of whether your need is for a full replacement, replacement door leaf’s only or upgrade of existing door sets we have the expertise and experience to carry out the services you need.

All of our fire door works are certified through third party accreditation and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.

For further information, to request a Door Survey/Inspection, or to provide a tender for costing, please contact us.

Our Fire Door Accreditation and Certification includes

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