Fire Risk Assessment for the Education Industry

Fire Safety in new and altered Educational Establishments, including Schools and Colleges, is subject to the Building Regulations and the guidance can be found on Fire Safety in New, Extended or Altered Buildings.

Fire Risk Assessments specialise in keeping businesses fire protected by also ensuring the Regulatory Form (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is met.

classroomFire Risk Assessments are of great importance within the Education industry. Nurseries, Schools, Universities and Libraries are all places in which pupils and students spend important amounts of time both during day and night time in possible unsupervised areas. At an increased fire risk are pupils and students with language difficulties, people with disabilities and people unfamiliar with the premises.

The life risk in day schools is considerably lower than in boarding schools due to the non-existent sleeping hours. However, the risk of fire spread is high in both types of establishments.

By completing one of Global HSE Solutions Fire Risk Assessments you would benefit of guidance and consultancy from some of the most experienced Fire Assessors in the industry, Written Fire Policy Statements, Emergency Plans & Fire Log books, annual reviews at competitive prices.