What is a fire collar?

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What are they?

A fire collar is a metal ring, containing intumescent material that can be fixed to the surrounding of a penetration through a wall or floor. This is a firestopping method that works to prevent the spread of a fire between the compartments of a building. They seal the weaker points of a building, working to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and gases, whilst prolonging time for safe evacuation. It is essential that any openings are fire stopped to help prevent both lateral, and vertical fire spread. Despite not being an aesthetically pleasing passive fire protection element, they are extremely efficient at offering protection in the event of a fire.




Fire collar

What is the purpose of a fire collar?

When walls and floors are penetrated by building services such as cables, pipes and ducts, the fire rating of the construction can be impacted. A fire collar works to block a breach in the wall or floor with its intumescent ingredients, working to prevent fire spreading between compartments. When exposed to heat, the intumescent expands, decreasing in density, and forming a hard char. Fire collars will work to reinstate the fire rating of a wall or floor in the event of a fire by working to fill the opening surrounding the penetration where the pipe or cable would have melted, and left a large opening behind.



What to consider?

Fire collars can work as an effective fire stopping method for penetration seals if they are installed correctly. Consequently, it is crucial to consider the manufacturer’s advice when selecting the size of the collar, and the way in which it should be installed. They should be maintained to ensure they function as required, and offer efficient protection to the building, allowing for more evacuation time.



What we do

Our business goes above and beyond to ensure your property is as safe as possible. We can install fire collars, as well as being able to survey and remediate them. Our fire stopping service covers a vast amount of fire stopping methods. Get in touch to find out more.

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