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Our focus on maintaining customer relations through a “right first time” ethos, and quality-driven approach.

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Global HSE Solutions are industry leaders in providing the complete approach to fire safety, specialising in providing passive fire protection from project conception, through construction, to remedial works. Experienced across a wide range of industries and building types, we can service all sectors. This includes hospitality and leisure, healthcare, social housing, education and student accommodation, industrial and commercial.

As a division, we can supply and fit fire doors, dampers and passive fire protection methods to ensure your project is fully compliant with industry standards.

In the industry, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has made it a legal requirement to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to reduce the risk of fire. This is so that we can ensure buildings and their occupants are safe. Here at Global, we understand that buildings and fire legislation are constantly changing. Additionally, we work closely with our clients, providing bespoke solutions, targeted at specific industry needs. 

At Global HSE, fire safety our whole business, because we are passionate about delivering high quality, innovative passive fire protection for various building types. The Global HSE team appreciate that fire safety can often be an overwhelming industry to understand. By working closely with our clients, we can help develop knowledge of fire safety and ensure full compliance across all property types. Because of this, we provide a bespoke service that fits the requirements of your employees, properties, and clients. We pride ourselves on our expertise and up to date knowledge of the industry. Moreover, our passion is evident across our team of competent and experienced individuals. 

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection (pfp) is the fire safety elements of a building that are built into the structure, specifically into the walls and floors. The aim of passive fire protection is to divide a structure into smaller areas, or compartments, through walls or floors so that fire risks become more manageable. Therefore, the area where fire or smoke could spread is reduced, so that it lowers the risk to life or property damage in the event of a fire.

While passive fire protection does not actively prevent fires, its purpose is to limit the damage a fire would cause to the building. As a result, it provides safe escape routes for occupants and emergency services. Most importantly, the aim is to not only save lives but also prevent irreparable damage to the property.


Fire safety is our whole business! Through innovation and leadership – to protect people and assets.

How do we achieve our mission?

Putting our customers’ first and supporting them to ensure compliance.

By having the competency across all fire safety disciplines, in house.

Working with multiple disciples and trusted partners.

Ensuring quality on products, influencing our supply chain.

Management of customer expectation through effective engagement.

Forensic analysis of fire safety detail, helping achieve architectural vision.

Scrutinising and leading building contractors.

By being open and honest while ensuring confidentiality.

Recruiting and retaining a high calibre workforce.

Encouraging a culture of interdependence.Focus on sustainability.

Supporting a complete approach to fire safety design and remedy.

Our Core Values

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We are 100% committed to our clients, because we are all about energy, enthusiasm and passion.

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Respect one another and act honestly at all times, because integrity, honesty, and accountability are at the core of our business.

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Team Work

We are only a sum of our parts, which is why we strive to work effectively within our team to help each and every one of us achieve and succeed.

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As fire engineering specialists, we strive to develop creative solutions and put them into action in today’s modern building structures.

Our Team

Driven by customer satisfaction and safety by design, the Global team is comprised of qualified, competent, dedicated, and reliable employees. Therefore all of our staff are recruited based on integrity as well as their in-depth knowledge and skillset within the fire industry. As a collective, our number one priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service year on year. Because of this, we continue to sustain our position as a preferred UK supplier.

   Meet our managing director, Andrew Cooper:

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We are a Woodland Trust Corporate Member, helping to Create, Protect and Restore UK Woodland